Downtown Vineland Is Great Place to Eat

Fuel House Coffee and Bain's Deli

Fuel House Coffee with the leadership of an active and engaged Russell Swanson has been open for quite some time and is changing and improving all the time.  It has new management and staff who are adding menu items, and good entertainment and events.  My wife Cathy and I have had lunch and dinner at Fuel House Coffee several times in the past month.  The food is terrific. 

Crepe Maker on Landis Ave's 600 Block

Crepe Maker is a new addition to the Downtown Eatery List and it’s quite a different kind of place.  I can tell you first hand that the Triple Delight is a wonder and just fine for satisfying your sweet tooth.  It’s tasty and fun to eat.  And the atmosphere is new and exciting.

View from the Stage into the Back Room at Crepe Maker

View from the Stage into the Back Room at Crepe Maker

The Atmosphere is Colorful, Bright and Cheerful. Good Place to Eat or Entertain Guests

The Crepe Maker has a back room and stage to kill for.  It is perfect of entertainers.  And it is also a good place for special meetings or awards dinners.  Check it out.   The atmosphere is up front is colorful and exciting and a good place to entertain guests for pleasure or business.

The Sweet Life Bakers at Work

The Sweet Life Bakery was featured in a blog last week for terrific sweets and coffee. 

So in one block there are three new establishments all staffed with good people who want to be of service. 

2 Responses to “Downtown Vineland Is Great Place to Eat”

  1. jennifer Says:

    I have went here for lunch 3 times…the first time 5 of us went..they forgot my order then made it wrong. I had to go back to work so I pd for my drink and left without eating. They said they were sorry but with an attitude like I should have expected it…my friends talked me into going back…they made a big deal over the fact that I didn’t get to eat the last time I was there, made me order first..they seemed annoyed by this…food was good so I figured ok…one bad experence….the office I eat with before I go to work decided all 6 of us would go…doctor and all…we called in our order about 15 mins before we got there(their suggestion) they told us it would b ready n a half hr when we called. 45 mins after we got there( 1hr after we ordered) they hadn’t even started out order…the staff had to b back @ the office for patients…they said they were sorry but it wasn’t their fault..the cashier litterly rolled her eyes….if you want to eat there make sure u have all day….

  2. Bob Johnson Says:

    This comment is made in re Crepe Maker.

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