Cathy And Bob Johnson Reach Thanksgiving Campground, Tabor City, NC

Thanksgiving at Yogi Bears Jellystone Campground

Lets Eat
Lets Eat



Cathy and Bob Johnson are at it again.  They are in Tabor City, NC setting up a campground so that their immediate family can celebrate Thanksgiving together, dressed as Pilgrims and Indians and cooking over fires.  And they say it will taste great. 

One Fried one Roasted Please
One Fried one Roasted Please


Jennifer Timon-Johnson, Bob’s Daughter, and her Husband Jeff Timon and their 3 year old daughter Ingrid Alexander will fly in from Los Angeles.  Jennifer is the Executive Producer of Cold Case, the hit CBS show broadcast on Sunday night’s at 9 P.M if the football games are over at 7.  Otherwise, it’s broadcast a bit later.


Jennifer and Paul Johnson
Jennifer and Paul Johnson

The picture is of Jennifer and Paul Johnson relaxing during the shooting of Cold Case at Geno‘s Cheesteaks in Philadelphia.  Geno’s is where cheese steaks were invented. 


Paul, Bob’s son, and his wife Michelle and four children – Maggie, Jacob, Marli and Luke are driving down from South Dennis Township, Cape May County, N.J.   Paul owns Meadowview Landscapping in Stone Harbor and Avalon NJ


The family event will take place at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground in Tabor City, NC.  Tabor City is about 30 minutes north and west of Myrtle Beach, S.C. in a mostly agricultural area.  There are lots of Cotton Fields and right now, winter wheat.


So keep watching for the Video’s.  It will be an exciting event, one that you may wish to re-enact next year. 

Good eating to you all.

 Bob Johnson




Two turkeys are planned.  One deep fried and one roasted.  All the fixings will cook on the fires.  Someone in the family came up with this idea last year and the family decided to go for it. 


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