First Obama News Conference

Hail to the Chiefhail-to-the-chief, almost.

I don’t think he could have done any better, and I can’t remember any other President-elect holding conferences so early.


It is refreshing to have a President who takes all questions, makes it clear when he is going to skip a response and has some humor.


My wife trains intensely our Standard Schnauzer, Ruby.  So we have a special interest in the dog.  We too had to have a hypo allergenic dog.  Ruby is it.


Clearly President Elect Obama is surrounded by experts.  And Ram Emanuel looked intense and hooked in.  He will take good care of the President Elect.


Obama made it clear that he is not president until January 20, 2009, but he underlined the importance of the getting a stimulus package into law as soon as possible so let us hope that congress will come back soon and get going.  They must cancel vacations and get going.


We can’t wait until Obama’s inauguration and to listen to again with pleasure to hail-to-the-chief 

Bob Johnson


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