Prediction is Difficult Especially When You Talk About the Future

Prediction is Difficult especially when you talk about the future: Yogi Berra, sometime in the past.


ABC and George Stephanopoulos gang all predict a big win for Barack Obama, and it worries me because in addition to Yogi’s headline today, he said, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over”, and isn’t that so true.  So let’s go out and vote.


George Will thinks it was the Palin appointment and the economy that helped Barack Obama.  Donna Brazille thinks it is the organization, his message, his inspiration and his positive attitude; I certainly agree.


NBC and Tom Brokaw had on John Kerry, and I perish every time he comes on.  He is a great Senator and clearly a person the shows can get to come on, but he is a terrible spokesman for the party.  He is a smart guy, but his vocabulary stinks.  He must think he has to impress someone. 


The republican on NBC was the TV actor turned politician turned presidential candidate and I can’t remember his name right now.  But he too is so slow and deliberate and looks so serious that I can not fail to think that he thinks a great deal of himself.  Not I.


So I turned NBC off and jumped back to ABC.  Too bad the funnies were over, so I turned to PBS, but that was a baking show.  So here I am.


God I hope these predictions are sound.  They are about the future, and Yogi warned it is difficult to predict.  So I’ll keep my fingers crossed and give another donation to see if I can get selected to join the party in Chicago following the Obama basketball game.


Go Vote.


Go Obama.




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