This Land is Your Land Wood Guthrie

Woody Guthrie captured America in his landmark song This Land is Your Land.  Even the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, the famous Irish singers, included ‘This Land” on its list.


It is here tonight because it reflects the America of the Roosevelt era.  Roosevelt got the country going; he pulled it out of lethargy with a variety of new ideas.  He’d try just about anything, keep it if it worked and ditch if it did not work.  This past winter my wife Cathy and I stayed many times in Florida State Camp Grounds that were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps.


Foot power was a top of the line propulsion method, what with walking down the highway, and roaming and rambling around.  No many of us walk today.


Well the price of gas has fallen to a level that might rekindle interest in housing that is a bit further from the big cities.  About two and half years ago the press began to report that people were losing interest in remote housing because the very high cost of getting to work.  This was right about the time that house prices began to plummet.  People suddenly realized how high they were and what it meant to their real standard of living. 


Enjoy the song and pictures.  It’s the real America.


Vote this coming Tuesday.  This is the nuttiest election with the most opportunity in my 62 years.  Let’s roll.




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