Barack Obama Needs Help, and Money

I received the following today and decided to help out again.  I gave $500 in addition to the money I’ve already given.  I would hate to see McCain pull off another come from behind.  Please consider this and give if you can.

Bob —

I’m the Chief Financial Officer for Barack Obama’s campaign. I track the donations coming in and the expenses going out.

I asked for the opportunity to write to you directly so that I could try to explain what’s happening right now.

This organization has thousands of employees and spends millions of dollars a day — and at the moment we’re doing it without a safety net.

Our spending plans have been stretched by John McCain’s negative attacks and the overwhelming resources of the Republican National Committee.

As of October 15th, John McCain and the RNC together had nearly $20 million more in cash than the combined total of Obama for America and the DNC. And just this week, we’re facing new and unexpected spending against us in Montana and West Virginia.

Your incredible generosity has gotten us this far. In fact, our records show that you have already reached your maximum donation for this campaign.

But you can still help get us across the finish line by donating to the Obama Victory Fund.

Please make a donation of $500 or whatever you can afford today:

My team and I are working to stretch every dollar in order to keep as many paths to victory open as possible. But we need whatever help you can provide for this crucial final stretch.

Thank you,


Marianne Markowitz
Chief Financial Officer
Obama for America

Please Donate

Bob Johnson


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One Response to “Barack Obama Needs Help, and Money”

  1. ric Says: follow the link and see what you are donating to it is the last 30 seconds

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