7 to Go

It is time to work.  And …


It’s fingernail biting time.  But I’m sure happy that Senator Obama has his ground game coming up.  I just received an article from a friend in Florida who wrote that the Senator’s experience as a community organizer helped him get the organization in place.  Good for him. 


I heard a TV call in questioner state that he was voting for Senator Obama because he ran such a good campaign.  If he can do such a good job on the campaign, he certainly has the skill to run a large organization, and keep it focused on goals, message and winning.  Good for him and us.


This family is looking forward to the speech tonight.


 Yesterday the Senator stood in the rain with the hearty souls who came to Chester, Pa.; there were 9,000 folks who waited for him and he urged them and us to bring that same fortitude and persistence to the polls on Tuesday and to use these same skills to get out the vote.


I’m looking for a much bigger turn-out than any of us expect.  Good ground game, finally a person worth voting for, and a need that surely will bring unity from McCain and his side starting the night of November 4, 2008.  I hope.








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