11 days – How to Get a Mail List from an Inbound E-mail

I’m including today, Saturday.

I received another call from the Democratic HG asking for help.  Good people and it’s good to know that the calls have begun.  We are in the final stages.

Last evening Charlie Rose had Joe Kline of Time and Meacham from Newsweek on the show.  They are all talking as if this election were over, and Obama won.  I sat in amazment and worried that I must have missed something.  This election is not over and John McCain is relentless and persistent.  He does not give up easily.  In fact, I doubt he will surrender.

I’ve been sending out letters via e-mail.  Every time I receive an e-mail suporting the other side, and there is a list of names, I’ve taken the names and added them to a special list.  So I’m responding with positive material on Barack Obama, and, occassionally some forthright opinions about Senator McCain.

If you copy the lists you receive (in the CC or To section) into Word, just use the enter key to separate each person (name and e-mail) puting one name to a line.  Then separate the name from the e-mail address with a coma.  ( I also used the find and replace command to find things like < and > and replace them with a blank – which is a fast way to clean up the lists.)  Then copy the list to Excel. In Excel use the Data command to spit the data into columns.  You now have a list that you can import to virtually all e-mail systems.  I imported these into a separate contact base for each list so I’d know where they came from, then put them all together and ended up with over 550 good e-mails.

No charge goes unanswered. 



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