12 Days

Holy Catfish.

This is hard to believe.   We are almost in the single digits.  Can you imagine how Senator Obama and Senator McCain feel?  Can they sleep?

I guess the period we are in was predictable.  Now the contact gets personal, with calling by human’s a key ingredient.  The local democratic office called for more volunteer time, but I’m about out of time.  Wow, so is the campaign.  It seems to have gone quiet.  But I recall Bush lost because Casper Weinberger was indicted a week or so before the election – it was the icing on the cake.  So we ain’t done yet. 

How will the precipitous drop in oil prices effect the vote? 

Thank God the price of gasoline is down because the price of a World Series ticket has gone, what, shuttle high.  In our area gas is $2.45; but the local convenience store was deader than a doornail last night at 9 p.m.  Maybe the World Series has everyone glued to the old TV.

Philadelphian’s if you believe, what would John McCain call them?, the Media Elite,  have a severe disease – Philadelphia Mania .  This is a sickness of the adrenal gland with symptoms like people jumping up and down like Pogo Sticks or Masai Warriors, and they scream, even on days it is raining and no game.  It’s cause is the price of a ticket to the Philadelphia stadium – Kimmel I think – $390.  Holy mackerel, that ain’t a catfish, hunter or not.  Well the gasoline is cheaper.  Who knows, if it isn’t one thing its another.

Now our savings and investments is quite another thing.  What the heck happened?  Huh?  Well if all these sea-cure-it-t’s are backed by home mortgages, why in the world do the holders have to drop the value to nonsensical levels – like 10 cents on the dollar?  The answer my friend is not in the wind, unless it is coming from Kentucky.  They say the outfits are just plain out of capital.  No they aren’t:  they are out of paper capital at this point in time because there is no market for the mortgage backed bonds.  This is one really big over-reaction.  So hold tight.  It ain’t over yet.   Just remember, if you don’t have a buyer, you don’t sell.  Our house is off the market because no one was looking.

Don’t panic though.  Prices will come back, but it’s a shame if you owned stock in some of the big Wall Street firms or the banks that got slammed.   Hopefully you were divesified, an old tactic designed to limit returns.

It is hard to believe that even the republicans in the administration, in order to get their guy elected, would sacrifice their wealth with a crash in the market by manipulating the price of gas.  But then again, Bush is in the White House and stranger things have happened.  He must be happy the news cycle is off the war.

McCain is grabbing at anything that might stick.  Even the World Series was in play: what with Senator Obama telling Tampa folks he likes the Rays and telling the adrenal inspired folks in Philadephia he likes the Phillies; this became a character flaw and an attack point for a day or so.  I don’t think McCain is up to the stress of a national campaign.  Talk about a manic guy.  His only experience at campaigning is in Arizona, and he owns a house in most areas there, so he could go home at night.  Not in this race.  And it is telling.

It is consistent behavior, for John McCain that is.  For example, he once flew to Pennsylvania to visit Carol before they married, and he did it in a Navy plane, not a commercial flight like you or I, and he crashed the darn plane in Virginia when he, now get this, ran out of gas, figuratively.

Come on, 150 thou for a red jacket.  Why in the world would they dress up like that?  Are they trying to impress Joe Six Pack?  Or impress Joe the Plumber.  My wife is gorgeous and she better not be spending that kind of dough.  I mean with the mortgage crisis and all, how the heck can you spend $150,000 for eight weeks of work?????  There must be a double meaning here somewhere but I don’t get it.  It may be that McCains Admirals will like Palin more, but will Wasillian’s?  How can she be believed in red leather jackets.  Now if those jackets were vinyl, then it would fit.

Well I won’t have to read much more, or get my fingers all worked up, or my friends riled.  It is almost over, and that will be perfectly ok with me.

Go Obama.



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